Selling Jewelry Online

How to Sell Jewelry Online: 5 Pro Tips to Help You Succeed

Admittedly, the jewelry industry has been slower in shifting to eCommerce (unlike industries like consumer electronics and others). However, it’s still a huge market that has been growing steadily with each passing year. Statista estimates the global jewelry market to reach a valuation of $307 billion by 2026.

Furthermore, the push given by the Covid-19 pandemic has given a boost to online jewelry sales, with the online jewelry market expected to reach a valuation of $60 billion by 2027.

Moreover, the jewelry business can yield profit margins of around 25 to 75%, which is much higher than many other product categories. 

So, if you want a piece of this pie then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to share with you 5 pro tips to sell jewelry online. We’ll also discuss why online jewelry selling can be a great niche to get into.

So, let’s begin.

Why sell jewelry online?

We’ve already discussed how the high-profit margins make selling jewelry a profitable niche. But there are other advantages as well. Some of the reasons why one should consider selling jewelry online include:

  • Jewelry is often small in size and therefore, it’s easier to ship

  • There’s huge diversity in jewelry. There are hundreds of options ranging from gold and gemstones to items like necklaces, anklets, rings, etc

  • Jewelry offers a variety of customization options. One can earn even more money by making custom jewelry for customers

  • There are multiple sourcing options available

  • Online jewelry stores are quite popular among millennials and Gen Z audiences, which account for the majority of online shoppers

  • Jewelry appeals to all genders irrespective of their age or culture. So, there are always buyers available

Top jewelry brand niches

Since the jewelry market is crowded, it’s better to begin by choosing a niche. You can choose any of the following jewelry brand niches to begin with – 

  • Affordable jewelry – Since fashion trends come and go out of style quickly, it makes sense to sell jewelry that’s affordable. Such pieces of jewelry are often lower in quality and can range anywhere between $5 and $100.

  • Body jewelry – Body jewelry includes nose rings, belly button rings, tong rings, eyebrow rings, and more. It tends to be more personal than necklaces and bracelets, and thus has often more custom pieces.

  • Plated jewelry – Plated jewelry is for shoppers who want the look and feel of precious metals but can’t afford the price tag that comes with such jewelry. Plated jewelry includes items coated with silver, nickel, or gold.

  • Handmade jewelry – This usually includes ‘made-to-order’ jewelry and has a level of customization for all buyers. While handmade jewelry is usually unique, its drawback is that it takes time to create. Hence, its production is difficult to scale.

  • Fine jewelry – It consists of precious metals, rare gemstones, and distinctive designs. Fine jewelry not only uses rare materials but also relies on high-quality craftsmanship.

  • Vintage jewelry – The allure of vintage jewelry is that it’s unique, has a strong appeal, and is timeless. These jewelry items even have the potential to become more valuable over time.

  • Fair trade jewelry – It includes jewelry items from brands that follow fair trade practices like paying workers the right wages, sourcing supplies directly from farmers, using recycled materials, etc.

5 pro tips to sell jewelry online

Now that you’ve got an idea of why to sell jewelry online as well the various jewelry niches, it’s time to offer you some pro tips for selling jewelry online.

Tip 1 - Choose the ideal marketplace

The most important thing to begin selling jewelry online is to choose a marketplace that suits your particular business needs. You can either – 

  • Create your own website
  • Choose an online marketplace

Both these options come with their own set of pros and cons. While having your own site gives you more control over how to present your products, an online marketplace can get you running without much effort from your end.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. are not only user-friendly but also offer dedicated tech support.

Ultimately, your decision depends on what resources you have and what business goals you are looking to achieve. Our recommendation would be to begin by leveraging the benefits an online marketplace offers. You can then create your own website as well when your business grows.

Online marketplaces

Tip 2 - Find a way to differentiate yourself from competitors

Selling jewelry online can be quite competitive. So, you must think of a way of differentiating yourself from your competitors.

You can do it either by focusing on a specific niche for your jewelry products or by offering benefits that make customers choose you over your competition.

You can also stand out by offering specific pricing, delivering excellent customer support, or catering to a particular type of customers.

Jewelry Amazon

Tip 3 - Choose a particular niche

We talked about how choosing a particular niche can help you stand out from the competition. So now, let’s discuss some trending jewelry niches that you can choose –

  • Costume jewelry/fashion jewelry
  • Body jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Silver plated jewelry

Specificity will help you get your business off to a strong start. When you focus on a particular niche, you also help customers find what they are exactly looking for. Moreover, you can also tap into audiences that are passionate about particular niches.

Amazon Jewelry Selling

Tip 4 - Work with influencers to build awareness

Promoting your jewelry brand on social media is an easy way to highlight your products and funnel your audience towards your website. You can leverage the power of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to share content related to your jewelry store.

You can also work with social media influencers who have a large social media presence as well as a high degree of authority. They can persuade people to try out your products. So make sure to get your jewelry in the hands of as many influencers as possible.

Strong partnerships with influencers can thus have a significant impact on brand promotions.

Instagram Influencers

Tip 5 - Shoot great product photos

Having professional-quality product images is important if you want your customers to notice your products.

Moreover, jewelry photography can be harder and more complicated than any other genre of product photography. That’s because jewelry is usually much smaller in size. Moreover, the shiny surfaces can cause accidental reflections in the photographs. So, one needs to be extra careful. 

To ensure high-quality photos of your jewelry, you can consider the following tips – 


  • Keep the jewelry clean and dust-free
  • Use a non-reflective background
  • Use props like a mannequin bust
  • Use even lighting, ideally at least two flash heads
  • Control lighting by opting for a smaller room
  • Keep the setup simple to highlight jewelry
  • Pay attention to post-production


We shared with you 5 pro tips to sell jewelry online while also touching upon top jewelry niches to consider. Now that the basics of selling jewelry online are covered, we hope you’d be prepared to make your online jewelry store a success.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. 

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