Disrupting eCommerce Visual Content Creation for the Metaverse

About Us

Dresma is building the technologies to support the creation of  hyper-interactive, creative content for the metaverse.

Our vision is to empower millions of businesses of all sizes with the solutions required to  create high quality images and videos at scale. 

With our AI powered solutions, DoMyShoot and DresmaPost, we are using AI and Data Sciences to disrupt the way custom content is generated.

From our inception in 2019, we have handled more than 5 million images making our processes intelligent each day. Dresma customers see value in the quality and consistency of imagery outputs they get.

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Dresma Foudersa

With deep insights into the eCommerce content space, the Dresma founders saw a problem that wasnt being addressed: access for all to create good quality visuals to sell their products and services online. Dresma was founded in 2019 with the vision to democratize the creation of visual content in eCommerce.

Siddharth Sinha CEO

Nishka Sinha CMO

Abhishek Kirti COO


Kanwal Rekhi

Vikash Varma

The Dresma Team

We have a pool of young and seasoned talent, excited about being a part of a disruptive solution. ML experts, data scientists, 3D & 2D artists make up the core of our team and truly reflect the power that technology brings into creativity.

Excited by what we are doing?

Get your Imagery Right

Our A.I. gives your teams across the globe access to a central brain that supports large scale visual content creation. With an automated workflow for the backbone of your online business, increase your ROI and boost productivity. With Dresma, you make A.I. a part of your business DNA


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Our solutions support your visual content production to  build deeper engagements in the digital universe