How DresmaPost Increased this Aggregator’s Service Responsiveness

About the client

A company that is a large-scale aggregator of photographers, who provide on-demand photoshoots.

Challenges faced

The client was struggling to deliver high quality post processed images within a short span of time. They also faced issues with unpredictable orders and scale. In terms of their food photography, this affected their clients who specialize in food delivery and adjacent services and for which quick image processing services are essential.

How Dresma helped

We stepped in and changed the company’s turnaround time massively. Delivering approximately 4000 images in less than 14 hours, this greatly improved the workflow of the client thereby allowing them to meet their tight deadlines with their clients as well.

Existing workflow

Limited resources

Limited output of processed images due to the above

Large delays in delivery 

Workflow with Dresma

24 x 7 support from Dresma

TAT greatly reduced

Large volume of images delivered quickly

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction in TAT from 4-5 days to less than 14 hours
  • Bulk processing of images
  • Lower costs for image processing 

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