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How DoMyShoot Helped This Bike Marketplace Get Their Product Images Within 24 Hours as Opposed to 5-8 Days: A Case Study

About the client

The client is a notable marketplace for used bikes in India. It offers great deals on buying and selling second-hand bikes. Its digital-first approach makes it convenient for sellers and buyers to complete transactions from the comfort of their homes.

For buyers, Beepkart reduces the risk of dealing with unverified sellers. For sellers, it offers an opportunity to sell bikes at a good price and get instant payment for them.

Beepkart removes stress in buying or selling used two-wheelers and makes the process easy and enjoyable.

Key challenges faced

Before incorporating DoMyShoot in its photography workflow, the client faced some key challenges like – 

  • Long-drawn process of shooting bike photos
  • A great deal of effort in shooting product photos across multiple locations
  • A lack of consistency in following the image guidelines for Beepkart platform
  • High turnaround time (TAT) of 5-8 days
  • Huge costs

A Scalable Workflow

Existing workflow

Before adopting DoMyShoot, this is what the workflow looked like for the client –

Hiring a professional photographer

Photographer visiting multiple locations to complete photoshoots

Discrepancy in following Beepkart image guidelines

An average TAT of 5-8 days

Using the images for catalog listing or social media

Workflow with DoMyShoot

After adopting DoMyShoot, this is what the photography workflow looked like –

Use DoMyShoot app to click product photos

Make use of the custom image guidelines that DoMyShoot created for Beepkart to get consistent imagery and save time

Get final high-quality product images within 24 hours

Use the photographs for catalog listing or social media

Key benefits offered

Here’s a look at the key benefits that the client has had  after adopting DoMyShoot for its photography workflow:

  • Turnaround Time reduction – from 5-8 days to less than 24 hours
  • Photography cost reduced to less than half of the original cost
  • Overall consistency in catalog images due to custom guidelines in DoMyShoot

Here’s what the client had to say about DoMyShoot

Being India’s leading marketplace for used bikes, we share photos of hundreds of second-hand bikes on our website every day. Since we have multiple hubs across the country, we used to hire a professional photographer who visited these locations and clicked photos for us. It was a lengthy process that used to take up a lot of time.

Thankfully, we found the DoMyShoot app. The app has massively reduced our TAT as well as the costs. And the best part is that the images are of incredibly high quality meeting our guidelines.


Thanks to DoMyShoot, the client cut down the time taken to get high-quality images by as much as 80%. 

We also created custom guidelines for Beepkart in the DoMyShoot app, allowing the client to get simultaneous photoshoots at multiple locations without affecting image consistency.

The new and improved workflow didn’t only cut down their TAT by a significant margin but also saved costs.

As you can see in the before and after images below, the product photographs also looked more consistent and of much better quality.

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