How DoMyShoot Helped BeepKart Scale Its Product Photography Workflow to Deliver 75000+ Images: A Case Study

About the client

The client, BeepKart, is a full-stack online platform for buying and selling used two-wheelers. The company has built a profitable business at a city level in Bengaluru and is now looking to gradually replicate its success throughout India.

BeepKart’s success is evident by the fact that it recently closed a Series A funding round of $9 million led by Vertex Ventures South East Asia and India.

Taking a digital-first approach, the company is working on offering a transparent and increasingly product-led journey to sellers and buyers. It removes the stress involved in buying or selling used two-wheelers and makes the process easy and enjoyable.

In essence, the company is challenging the need to buy an expensive two-wheeler when a BeepKart bike is available. It aims to solve customer pain points in this high-value and high-consideration category.

Key challenges faced

The client faced some key challenges like –

  • Difficulty in scaling the product photography process
  • Lengthy process of getting product photographs 
  • A long-drawn process while shooting photos across multiple locations
  • A lack of consistent product imagery
  • High turnaround time (TAT) of 5-8 days
  • Huge costs

How did DoMyShoot help?

Let’s have a look at how the photography workflow changed for the client after they started using the DoMyShoot app –

Product photography workflow with DoMyShoot - BeepKart
Product photography workflow without DoMyShoot - BeepKart

Key benefits offered

Let’s look at the key benefits that DoMyShoot offered the client –

  • 75,000+ product photographs delivered – DoMyShoot helped BeepKart scale its product photography workflow. DoMyShoot allowed the client to get 75,000+ images within 1 year, all delivered within 24 hours of doing the shoot. If they had relied on a traditional photography workflow, it would have taken them 3 to 5 times more in terms of cost and time to get 75,000+ images and get their product listing live.
  • Time reduced to 300 images every 24 hours – DoMyShoot cut down the turnaround time by more than 80% as compared to a traditional workflow. We delivered final images within a few hours as opposed to days – delivering 75,000+ images within 1 year. This reduced the average time taken to 300 images per 24 hours.
Key benefits offered - BeepKart
  • Cost reduction by around 70% when compared to traditional workflow – Hiring a professional photographer or a photography studio can cause a significant dent in a company’s finances. This is especially a problem for smaller businesses because of their smaller budgets. The client was able to cut down their photography costs by as much as 70% when compared to a traditional photographer or photo studio workflow.
  • Improved the quality of product photos – Despite being cost-effective, DoMyShoot doesn’t compromise on the image quality. BeepKart benefited from it as these higher-quality images improved the conversions on its marketplace.
  • eCommerce-compliant images delivered without hassle – One of the biggest issues with any catalog listing is making the product photos compliant as per the guidelines for each marketplace. DoMyShoot made this step easier for BeepKart by delivering product photos that already fulfilled the specific criteria for each marketplace. This, in turn, saved considerable time for the client, helping them quickly get their products listed.

Here’s what the client had to say about DoMyShoot

“We have been working with Dresma for over a year now and its photography solution, DoMyShoot, has been a wonderful companion in our growth journey. Thanks to getting high-quality photos in a short time frame, we have been able to expand our reach.

Moreover, the support that the Dresma team offers in implementing their solution has made our product photography workflow smoother and more scalable. We look forward to expanding our partnership with DoMyShoot more aggressively.”


This Indian startup is providing a great template to other businesses on how to run a profitable business. The recent Series A funding round that the company closed is a testament to the work that they’ve done till now.

As a company, Dresma feels proud to have played some part in BeepKart’s growth journey. Through our product photography solution, the client quickly scaled up the number of images they were able to click.

The professional quality photos as well as the reduced turnaround time show how DoMyShoot can be an excellent solution for many similar businesses who want to scale their business.

As you can see in the before and after images below, the product photographs also looked more consistent and of much better quality. Check out the images below to see how DoMyShoot performs its magic.

BeepKart image 1 - BeforeBeepKart image 1 - After
BeepKart image 2 - BeforeBeepKart image 2 - After

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