5 Smart Ways To Use DoMyShoot App For Social Media

5 Smart Ways To Use DoMyShoot App For Social Media

Small e-commerce biz owners highly prefer social media platforms to showcase their product photos. Also, about 30% of online shoppers prefer to purchase products through social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It is a known fact that social media is highly competitive. Thus, to fuel the competition, high-quality product photos play a remarkable role. Engaging product photos complete the social media matrix for eCommerce sellers. So, how do you constantly create awesome photos for social media? 

The key is professional product photography. However, this can turn expensive as well as be space and time-consuming. That is when Dresma helps eCommerce business sellers to take high-quality product photos through their smartphones. It offers the DoMyShoot app, a one-stop solution for high-quality product photography, making online sellers no less than professional photographers. 

Do you know what Americans look for in an online store?

What do Americans look for in Online Store?

The statistics are evident that product images play a vital role in attracting consumers. Achieving this is possible through good quality product photography. 

Here are 5 smart ways to use the DoMyShoot product photography app and get the engagement you need on your  social media.

5 Smart Ways to use DoMyShoot App

1. Social Selling

Unlike paid media campaigns, with social selling, you can showcase your brand products at lowered costs. It is an organic way to generate leads and a step ahead to winning consumer’s trust as you are the direct point of contact throughout the buyer journey. 

As per HubSpot, social selling has a larger new customer volume (65% vs 47%) and better customer conversion (46% vs 31%) compared to non-users for sales. But, what can you do better while achieving these numbers- showing product photos or writing detailed descriptions? 

Well, ideally both! With DoMyShoot ensure that your images keep up with your words! The raw product photos clicked from the app can be 3D modelled to generate Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), giving detailed design elements of your product.CGI helps drive engagement and ensures your product is showcased at its best!

2. Social Post

80% of what people learn is through social media posts, but what is the best way to educate people with your brand products? Visuals grab maximum user attention, but format plays an important role too. Your audience is aware of what they want, but educating them on multiple uses is a step ahead to getting a “wow!” from them. And, what can compete better with lifestyle images for your product in such a case? 

With lifestyle images, your audience finds products relevant and relatable to use. It helps potential customers to visualize the product in their own life. Additionally, product photography with models gives better product size prediction. 

DoMyShoot converts the raw product photos you shoot into professional high-quality lifestyle formats. From suggesting white background to product add-ons, even lifestyle formats are generated to share on social media platforms.  A user can simply select from the thousands of templates available on the app and pick ones that work best with his or her product. Creating lifestyle images is so simple now that you can do it whenever you want keeping your visual content constantly fresh and updated.

3. Carousel Posts

Carousel posts on social media are the best and most effective way for sharing a behind-the-brand story. Research by Social Insider concluded having 3 million carousel posts out of 22 million on Instagram. Also, the average post engagement increased by 1.92% compared to single image and video. Below statistics reveal how carousels perform based on profile size:

Instagram Average Post Engagement Rate by Profile Size

From single to dozens of products, presenting in multiple formats and effects goes easy with carousels. However, product photography set-ups differing to each product can turn arduous. Not anymore! Just use the in-app guides selecting your product category to process myriad product images in a fraction of time and place the products on templates of your choice. In no time you have multiple product images in various angles on engaging templates that make for a great carousel post!

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing stays as one of the most effective marketing campaigns for every business to target customers. Personalized and engaging e-mailers trigger recipients to take a call-to-action (CTA). “Approximately 65% of users expect images in emails than 35% of those who prefer text.” – HubSpot

With professional-quality product photos, you increase the probability of CTA. Here, with AI-retouch and human intervention, DoMyShoot enables you to create professional-quality e-commerce images that are impactful from the very first impression of your email.

5. Fresh Content

The “out of stock” status can hurt your business ratings. From trending cosmetic shades to the latest designer apparel, all must be in harmony with their appearance on your e-commerce website or social media. Managing product listings across multiple sales or product cataloguing may take longer to process than expected. As a result, your inventory holding cost sees a spark. 

At such times, AI synchronizes the entire process by automating mundane and repetitive tasks during product photography, supports updating of eCommerce images more frequently, cost-effectively and just with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Next time you think of product photography, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have a smartphone device for product photography?
  • Am I using it smartly?
  • Is there a photography App in it that is a one-stop solution?

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