This Premium Kids' Fashion Brand Replaced Their In-house Photo Studio With DoMyShoot: A Case Study

About the client

The client is a premium kids’ fashion brand from Finland. The company designs and manufactures high-quality, sustainable clothes for kids. It makes outdoor and indoor clothing along with accessories using cotton, eco-cotton, and cotton blends. The products are made in the EU and their collection includes sizes for children aged 0 to 15.

The business called Gugguu was started by two sisters, Miiaa Riekki and Anne Valli, who were struggling to find durable and good-looking clothes for their children. So, they started their own brand of children’s fashion.

After being founded in 2012, the company started operations in the Finnish market. It grew over the years and now it sells products all over the world, with retailers in countries like Australia, USA, Germany, and China.

Key challenges faced

Before incorporating DoMyShoot into its photography workflow, the client faced some key challenges like –

  • High costs associated with using a photography studio
  • Low-paced product photography workflow
  • Difficulty in scaling the production of product images
  • High maintenance of an in-house studio

How did we help?

We helped the client scale their product photography workflow while cutting down the costs. Earlier, the client was using their in-house studio to get product images which they ditched in favor of the DoMyShoot app.

The client now uses the app to click an average of 600 images per month. Scaling to this extent would have been almost impossible using a traditional photoshoot process. Moreover, the client was able to cut down costs by downsizing from a team of 5 to 1 for handling product photography.

Existing workflow

Using the in-house photo studio to click photos

Spending on professional equipment and personnel

Going through a tedious photoshoot process

Waiting for days or even weeks to get the final images

Using the final images but facing difficulty in scaling up image production

Workflow with DoMyShoot

Using the DoMyShoot app to click product photos

Clicking photos using only a basic setup handled by a single person

Getting high-quality in a matter of hours

Scaling the image production workflow

Key benefits offered

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits that DoMyShoot offered –

  • Scaled the production to 600 images per month
  • Reduced the costs by as much as 90%
  • Downsized the image production team from 5 people to 1
  • Simplified the photography workflow by ditching the in-house studio

Here’s what the client had to say about DoMyShoot

Thanks to DoMyShoot, we massively scaled up our image production. The app is convenient to use and delivers results much quicker than any other service out there. We liked it to the extent that we replaced our in-house photo studio with DoMyShoot.


Thanks to its ease of use and quick image production workflow, DoMyShoot was an instant hit with Gugguu. The client not only used the app to scale up their image production but also cut down their costs.

Now, instead of 5 people working on producing product images, Gugguu has only 1 stylist who manages the entire workflow.

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