This Budding Amazon Seller Shows How DoMyShoot Is a Game Changer for Many Others like Him: A Case Study

About the client

The client is a budding Amazon seller who primarily deals with stuffed toys for kids. He sources the products from different manufacturers and sells them in the UAE market using the Amazon marketplace.

Being a relatively new business owner, the client is currently focused on understanding the ins and outs of Amazon seller ecosystem before considering expanding his business.

The brand called JoyTechs, while currently available only on Amazon, aims to soon start selling on other eCommerce marketplaces and social media platforms.

Key challenges faced

Before using DoMyShoot, the client was clicking product photos on his own by using his smartphone camera. So, understandably the biggest challenges came in terms of –

  • Poor image quality
  • Lack of visual consistency
  • Subpar image editing
  • Difficulty meeting Amazon image guidelines
  • High costs associated with hiring a professional photographer

How did DoMyShoot help?

DoMyShoot was a game changer for the client since he could get better quality and consistent product images using the same tools (smartphone camera). Moreover, getting high-quality photos at a shoestring budget was a key benefit.

Existing workflow

Setting up the product and background

Using a smartphone to click product photos

Self-editing the images

Using the images for catalog listing or social media

Inconsistent images and an unprofessional look

Workflow with DoMyShoot

Using the DoMyShoot app to click product photos

Getting professional-looking and high-quality product images within 24 hours

Using the photos for catalog listing or social media

A boost in sales along with brand building

Key benefits offered

DoMyShoot offered the client the following key benefits –

  • High-quality product photos using only a smartphone camera
  • Professional images at a shoestring budget
  • Product photos compliant with eCommerce guidelines
  • Final images delivered within 24 hours
  • Consistent imagery

Here’s what the client had to say about DoMyShoot

As a beginner, I faced a lot of challenges like learning how to do product listing, running ads, or figuring out the logistics. Getting product photos was another challenge I was facing. Earlier, I used to rely only on my smartphone to get product photos. Luckily, I found DoMyShoot and it made my life easier. It’s an easy-to-use app and very professional. As a new seller, DoMyShoot takes one headache off my plate.


DoMyShoot, with its ease of use and professional output, proved to be really handy for this client. This also proved how the app can be beneficial for other small eCommerce sellers like him.

The low cost is an added benefit that makes DoMyShoot an attractive proposition for online sellers who have just started their journeys.

After image for JoyTechs
After image for JoyTechs
JoyTechs Stuffed Toy
JoyTechs Stuffed Toy_Side
JoyTechs Stuffed Toy_Rear

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