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I am unable to register on the app, what should I do?

There are 2 reasons why your registration is not being accepted:

  1. The email id you are using is already registered in which case you need to click on forgot password and reset your password

2.The password you are setting is  not as per the specifications:      8 characters , atleast 1 uppercase and 1 numeric or special character

How do I start a shoot?

Once you have logged in to the app, Click on the “Add Shoot” button to start a shoot. You will need to select a product category in  ” Shoot Setup”

What do I do if my Product Category is not there?

Incase the product category you which to shoot is not there, please select “Other Category” and shoot your product there. You will see grid lines to guide you on how to best frame your product for the shoot. Also, please send a request to support@dresma.com and we will add your product overlays for your next photoshoot.

What do I do if my marketplace is not there?

Should your marketplace not be there, please raise a request to support@dresma.com with Subject: Add a Marketplace

Our team will configure your choice of marketplace(s) within 48 hours and revert with an email update

The folder is showing uploading for a long time but not uploading. Do I need to shoot again?

You do not need to shoot the images again. The files will also be available in your image gallery. You can select them from there and email them to service@dresma.com with subject: Images not Uploading

Our team will ensure your images are processed and shared back at the earliest

Where will I receive my images?

Ready to use images will be sent to your registred email id.

What image file outputs do you provide?

By default our system generates JPG files and also provides PNGs at no additional cost. Should you need any other formats like PSD or TIFF files, please get in touch with the support team.

It has been more than 24 hours since my shoot, I have not yet received my images. What should I do?

Please go back to your shoot and confirm that you have clicked on “Finish Shoot”

How do I get amendments done to my images?

Please get in touch with us on chat or email support@dresma.com with subject: Feedback on Images

You can highlight the issues in the images and we will be happy to make the amendments for you at the earliest.

I have lost my images, could you send them again?

Ofcourse! We’d be happy to resend your images to us. Please email us at support@dresma.com with subject: Lost Images

Do mention the date of shoot and we will resend your images right away. Infact, what makes DoMyShoot unique is that you never have to worry about losing your images as they are safely stored with us