OYO's Post Production Scale Up

Problem: Long delays on listings with pressure of fast growth and inconsistent images on their platform coming through multiple photography vendors.

Dresma Solution: A centralised post production workflow to maintain consistent image outcomes and reduce turnaround time of property listings to under 12-hours.

Oyo, an  unicorn start-up has created a hospitality platform to onboard, distribute and manage more than 23,000 properties in over 800 cities in 18 countries. Each of these listings need visual content to attract and convince customers to make a booking. Creating visual content from geographies this diverse with images of consistent quality that are quickly delivered at scale represented a real business challenge.

A Scalable Workflow

The key to solving the problem was to create a centralized technology-enabled, post-processing workflow that would adapt to the scale of the challenge while at the same time deliver on consistent quality. Dresma worked with the start-up on developing photography guidelines that would help capture all the required information on site and allow the post-processing enough leeway to deliver consistent images. Using our AI driven post production platform alongside our expert real estate retouchers, we have been delivering over 50,000 images spread across 1000 properties every month with turnaround times of under 8 hours per property.

Managing Large Volume Images

Handling of inflow and outflow of large volumes of image files can pose a challenge in any workflow. RAW data of a minimum of 4MB file size with 50 such files every day requires a robust system and the Dresma platform has consistently been processing these images. Order Tracking, Client Feedback and other critical functions like invoicing are also managed through the workflow tracker.

Consistent Quality Outcomes

Besides a stable workflow process, what is also essential is to adhere strictly to the created editing guidelines. Our team of expert image editors has worked closely with the client to create the guidelines for photography as well as image editing. With the varying nature of each real estate property that undergoes a photo-shoot, to ensure all outcomes are aligned to the brand values means making sure guidelines are followed through. With our AI powered post processing system, some of the enhancements are done automatically using deep learning tools. Others that require the human touch are worked upon by retouchers trained on real estate image editing.

Direct Benefits Accrued

From the start-up’s perspective, there were two major values that got created  from the engagement with Dresma:

  1. Turn around cycle – the engagement with Dresma reduced the time from when they signed up a property to when it was live on their platform by up to 2 days. Each 24-hour period represents a business opportunity savings of half a million dollars across their portfolio added each month.

  2. Higher occupancy rates – in A/B testing of Dresma’s centralized workflow compared with the distributed post-processing OYO followed earlier, the company saw improvements of approximately 2% in user click through and 5% in overall occupancy rates at the properties. In an industry with very high fixed costs, these improvements can be the driver to profitability.

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