How Dresma Delivered 10,000 Images Within 5 Days to Help This Indian Fashion Brand Meet Deadlines: A Case Study

About the client

The client is an Indian wear fashion brand specializing in women’s clothing items like lehengas, gowns, sarees, fusion ensembles, and more.

The brand is synonymous with fashion, quality, and affordable Indian wear. The name Koskii means ‘girl’ in the Navayati language and thus, it targets young women who are looking for quirky occasion wear that’s similar to their own sense of style. 

With a history of 150 years in the textile industry, Koskii has now become a destination of choice for young fashion-conscious women who look for vibrant, trendy Indian ethnic wear.

Koskii sells its products online through its website and Amazon, and offline through its stores located in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Key challenges faced

When Koskii reached out to Dresma, they were facing the following challenges –

  • Inability to meet the deadlines because of bulk image requirements
  • Difficulty in scaling product image workflow
  • Challenges in creating product images compliant with Amazon guidelines
  • Long image production cycles spanning weeks

How we helped

Dresma helped Koskii scale its image production workflow while maintaining image quality and marketplace compliance.

Existing workflow

Hiring professional photographers

Completing tedious photoshoots

Waiting for weeks to get the final images

Facing issues complying with Amazon guidelines

Difficulty in scaling up the image production process

Workflow with Dresma

Adopting Dresma’s product photography solution

Getting images delivered within hours as opposed to days

Using the final images for catalog listing on Amazon

Scaling image production workflow

Key benefits offered

Here’s a look at the key benefits that the client had after working with Dresma –

  • A massive reduction in TAT from a few weeks to a 4-5 days
  • Scaling up image production (10,000 images delivered in a week)
  • Delivering high-quality product images suitable for social media
  • Amazon-compliant product images

Here’s what the client had to say

We needed to swiftly go live on Amazon Karigar with our products and required around 10,000 images following Amazon Guidelines. Thankfully, Dresma came to our aid, and we achieved our deadline while still producing top-notch photographs. Great images delivered quickly.


Koskii reached out to Dresma through Amazon Karigar. They needed our help in creating 10,000 on a very tight deadline.

Our solution not only helped with their requirements but also over delivered. Since we exceeded their expectations by delivering the images within 5 days, they were impressed with us. 

More importantly, we were able to help them scale their product image workflow.

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