The Future of eCommerce Content is AI
Dresma is building the next gen workflows to empower studio, catalog and marketing teams to create ecommerce content at scale for all verticals and platforms while reducing time & cost
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AI powered platform

We clean and enrich product display pages to deliver high-engagement content that drives  business growth 

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Product Photography

Need a photoshoot? Whether its  1 or a 1000 SKUs, our AI powered mobile app workflow for product photography works across all eCommerce verticals and platforms

  • Distributed Photoshoots
  • Tailored Guidelines
  • Instant Outcomes
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Image Editing

Looking for professional outputs for your imagery? With our AI enabled Pro-Touch solution you get the results your brand derserves

  • Scalable Workflows
  • Customized Retouching
  • Full Transparency
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Creative Content

Want to showcase your product in a lifestyle setting? You no longer need a new photoshoot. Our all-in-one Design Studio generates high engagagement content for eCommerce 

  • Product on Lifestyle
  • Product on Model
  • Model Swap
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Listing Generator

Have to create your product display page for a platform? Use our easy workflow to generate instant product listings that drive sales

  • Automated Generations
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • Centralized Data Repository

What Makes Dresma Smarter

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Technology Driven

Our solution processes thousands of photoshoots, analyzes images across product categories, and acts on them in seconds

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Built for Scale

Our image enhancement solutions are the best in class designed to help you grow quickly

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Industry Disruptors

We design solutions to deliver superior eCommerce content and stay ahead of the market

AI powered platform

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Our technology supports your online business with solutions that generate high-quality visuals to build deeper engagements with your customers. Increase your ROI and boost productivity by making AI a part of your online  business.

Benefits of headless commerce


Learn how AI is transforming content creation in the eCommerce ecosystem

Benefits of headless commerce

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Read what we have done to help our customers scale their businesses efficiently

Benefits of headless commerce


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