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We had an exhilarating experience at the Kaufland Deutschland Event where we connected with top names in retail and gained insight to stay ahead. Our innovative AI powered DoMyShoot app, impressed the hundreds of attendees with its ability to streamline eCommerce product photography. They were thrilled to learn how they can create captivating lifestyle images without the hassle of manual setups or costly photography solutions.

We’re proud to announce that our very own Co-founder and COO, Abhishek Kirti, has been recognized as one of The Economic Times’ 40 Under 40! Our team is thrilled to celebrate this momentous achievement, which is a testament to Abhishek’s drive and commitment to pushing Dresma to new heights using innovative AI solutions. This accolade inspires us to continue striving for excellence in revolutionizing the e-commerce industry.

Information Sessions

Join our 30-minute DIY Product Photography Sessions every week and elevate your skills with the help of experienced professionals. Unlock the secrets of DoMyShoot and gain invaluable industry expertise in a short amount of time. Book now to start taking professional-level photos in no time!

New features in DoMyShoot

We are excited to announce two new features in DoMyShoot

Zoom in and capture high-quality images of even the tiniest details with the Pinch-to-Zoom Camera feature. Perfect for jewelry and other small items. Try it out today!


Users can now focus on their product effortlessly with our auto focus feature. Simply tap the screen to auto-focus the shot you want. It’s never been easier to capture the perfect image.

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New campaign alert!

Attention all users! Get 10% more credits on your App when you purchase 500 or 1000 credits!
That’s 50 extra credits for 500 and a whopping 100 extra credits for 1000. We want to encourage our users to aim higher and recharge their accounts with more credits. That’s why we’ve made the “500” tier a default selection when you visit the “Credits” tab, with a “Most Popular” tag to let you know it’s a fan favorite.
But don’t worry, you’re still free to change tiers if you want to. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal – Recharge your account today!

Great Reviews!!

DoMyShoot has made the product listing preparation quicker for one of our clients.

The experience provided by our company has been highly praised by our customers, who can’t help but express their enthusiasm for it.

Take a look at the testimonials from others and then share your own experience with the app by clicking the link. We eagerly await your feedback on your personal journey!

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