5 winning ways to ensure your online sales go upwards with pro quality Product images

5 winning ways to ensure your online sales go upwards with pro quality Product images

Images are the life of a website. People want to experience the website, not just browse through it. People do not buy anything without seeing it first. They also want to touch it, feel it, and take it for a spin. This is where product images can cast their spell- by making your products come alive via excellent Product Photography and graphics. In the eCommerce line of business, product presentation can make or break your business. Studies state 65% of marketing executives agree that visual assets are core to a brand story making your business appear more personable and trustworthy. Right images can boost site conversions and create a bond with your target audience.

 Online shopping is a highly visual process. Here, the first impression is the best impression. Studies show that 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. People form their first impression within 50 milliseconds. Bearing in mind that there’s NOBODY who could speed-read a product description and evaluate it within 50 milliseconds, product images are all you have got. So it’s up to your product pictures to convince your potential customer that your product is worth buying. High-quality, compelling product images, and presenting them in a way that resonates with your potential customers is a must.

Here are 5 tips to increase online sales with Product Images:

Make it Big, Bold and Beautiful / Make the Product Images BIG,BOLD and BEAUTIFUL

Here are 5 tips to increase online sales with Product Images:​
The first thing that grabs a buyer’s attention is the product image. Focus on making the picture as accurate, attractive, and eye-catching as possible. This can boost your sales by 9%. This means no to photos taken with an iPhone or disposable camera, and yes to a camera that’s capable of handling a heavier load. The product image should be of high quality, greater resolution, and retina-ready. Retina ready is having more pixels within a square-inch space, making an image look sharper and clearer. A high-quality DSLR camera can do this for you effortlessly. If you are going for stock photos – choose them intelligently. The images should look professional but at the same time capture the essence of your product. The picture’s aim should be to send a positive message to your audience. Go for stock photos that you know will compliment your site, in every way. Made, a furniture eCommerce business screams Big, Bold, and Beautiful with all its Product images.

Top 5 ways to increase sales in your ecommerce business

Top 5 ways to increase sales in your ecommerce business​
The easiest way to increase sales in your eCommerce business is to provide as many eCommerce images of your product as possible. More the merrier. Think of it this way, the more images you have more will be the website traffic, more will be the click rate. Images are the secret sauce to boost revenue, increase sales and website traffic. It reduces your return rate and increases conversion with effective eCommerce marketing. In the IRCE Report, 75% listed the quality of the product images as the most important feature when shopping online, followed by showing alternative views of the product with 66% and zoom with 61%. The image is worth a thousand words, and in the online sales world, this is an unsaid rule. When shopping across a diverse network of eCommerce retailers, for many people no images mean no shopping. Images help viewers to scan for what we need much faster. Very few people actually read the pages, so good photos will make buyers stick around for the details. Puma is a fabulous example of a website with perfect images. Classy, elegant, and next-door, Puma has it all. Once you click on the website you are bound to get lost. With an array of options available, website traffic will keep flowing.

Add product images to your site search

Add product images to your site search​
BrickHouse Security, an online retailer saw a boost in conversion rates after adding an automated drop-down menu of textual results that appear when shoppers enter terms into its site search window. The real magic happened when they added product images to the menu, it broke open the bank. “With the product images in the site search drop-down window, we get a 100% lift in conversion rate among shoppers who use site search,” says Ryan Urban, manager of customer acquisition and analytics at BrickHouse Security. 25% of their customers clicked on the new image-based search results in the automated drop-down list which resulted in a 15% lift in the overall site search conversion rate. If you want to hit the jackpot with website conversion – add product images to your site search.

Make it about them not you

Make it about them not you
If you want a higher conversion rate, master the art of choosing Product images. Your prospects are interested in themselves. They don’t care about your product or company. It’s what your product can do for them – that should be the highlighting factor. Show your visitors they are on the right path. Make them feel comfortable. Give them a firsthand experience of what it is like to use your product. Do this to open the floodgates of people to like you – buy from you. Embrace storytelling to build engagement with your audience. Let your product images converse them. Hit them with emotions. Remember people buy because of emotions. So give them a full spectrum of it with your product pictures. Furbo Dog Camera is the perfect example of this. The entire product page is about dogs, various pictures of how the product can help dog owners keep track of their furry friends. If you visit their website you can’t help but go aww! Now that’s a website done right.

Give the viewers more than one perspective through your Product Photography

Elevate your conversion rates by reaping the benefits of great product images. Include 360 degrees spin of products, instill zoom-in feature, and provide various product images of multiple angles. Give the users the freedom to play around with different angles of the product. This helps in resolving conflicts regarding the look and feel of the product. Want to appeal to your customers? Display a 3D perspective of your product in the form of pictures or make a video of pictures. Unleash the power of the zoom-in feature. Get close and personal. Not only does it give a complete view of the product from different angles but also helps the brand stand out from the competition. This means yes to more selling and fewer returns. Maternity data an online maternity retailer invested in rotating 360° product images. Just with this one addition, they were able to increase their conversion rate by a whopping 27%. Golf Galaxy stated that products with the special spin feature increased conversion rates from 10% – 40% higher than products without the feature. These are just some of the best tips to level up your visual content. By applying these, you can say Hi to a plethora of happy customers. Stunning Product Photography to woo your customers is just a click away. Make your buyers envision your products, stimulate their imagination. Let browsing turn into buying. Get in touch with us and together, let’s propel your business to newer heights. What are you waiting for? The best time to skyrocket your business is NOW ! very few outbounds, all the inbound links are at one area, they should be staggered. Also low usage of keywords like product photography, eCommerce, product images

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